"Planet m - Media for Mankind"

The Bertelsmann Pavilion is an audience magnet at the Expo 2000.

The world expo “Expo 2000” starts on June 1. On opening day alone, more than 150,000 people flock to Hannover. One of the audience favorites among the 200 presentations and pavilions is “Planet m - Media for Mankind” by Bertelsmann, an “Expo 2000” official world partners. The first day’s visitors queue up for as long as two hours to see the media planet. On the very first day, the “Space Lift” brings thousands of guests into “Planet m.” The “Space Lift,” “Pre-Show” and “Main Show” give an emotional, evocative presentation of the diversity, responsibility and importance of the media. Contests and other specials round out Bertelsmann’s offerings at the Expo. The main movie “Sternenfänger” (Star Catcher) by the UFA subsidiary Teamworx, which is watched by 1.2 million visitors, wins the “Platinum Award” in the category “Film and Video Production - Advertising / Promotional” at the international film festival in Houston, Texas (US).

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