Corporate Culture of Partnership

In 1977, Bertelsmann carries out its first employee survey.

The world of work is changing in the 1970s. Reinhard Mohn’s idea of a corporate culture of partnership is cutting-edge and progressive. In 1970, Bertelsmann introduces profit participation for employees, true to the motto: “Only companies whose employees can identify with their firm will be fit to master the challenges of the future, and such an attitude requires material fairness.” In 1974, Bertelsmann AG is the first German company to appoint a management representative on the Supervisory Board. Mohndruck introduces staff meetings where existing problems are discussed and the next few weeks are planned. In 1977, the first employee survey is carried out. More than 5,500 employees participate in it. Anonymous questionnaires are used to review the state of workplace morale, job satisfaction and opportunities for employees’ development. The survey also serves as an instrument for management development. Since 2002, the employee survey has taken place worldwide every four years.

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