Modern Working Environments

Establishment of VG Rheda and construction of new industrial complexes

The rapidly increasing number of Lesering members creates new challenges for the old organizational structures: New forms of administration at Bertelsmann Verlag and updated distribution channels become necessary. Early computer systems involving punch cards are introduced early on. As Lesering membership numbers increase, production volumes at the printing plants rise accordingly. New production halls with new technology are needed to keep pace with developments. A state-of-the-art building complex is constructed on the Bertelsmann grounds. In 1957/58, the first few buildings of the new Sonopress record pressing plant are erected. This is followed in the early 1960s with the construction of the “Book Silo,” one of the first high-shelf warehouses in Germany, with a capacity of approximately seven million books a year. The management gathers ideas directly from the United States for the new premises, from lighting, ventilation, noise insulation and optimal space allocation to facilities such as canteens and recreation rooms, setting new standards for a modern working environment.

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